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At PRISM, we have developed a knowledge network for the acquisition, representation, query and analysis of 3D knowledge (3DK) in a distributed environment. Our premise is that most 3DK is inherent in and derivable from 3D geometric structures and is integral to a wide variety of scientific applications. The 3DK network advances research of three-dimensional objects in the target areas of Bioscience, Biotechnology and Anthropology and includes wide-ranging partnerships with researchers and collaborating labs.

3DK Collaboration Labs

We are continuing development of a software library KERNEL, tools for DATA ARCHIVING and an internet-accessible INTERFACE to enable a user to construct a customized 3D shape browser search engine. Test bed projects include:

  • Shape characterization of archaeological artifacts (BONES, POTS, LITHICS)
  • Shapes and forms of intra-cellular bio-molecular machines to gain insight into their functions (CELLS, BIO-STRUCTS)
  • Spatial symmetry in phenomena observed in experimental simulations in Plant Biology (DIATOMS).

Although the initial funding period has past, however the project is continually expanded upon, developed, and supported.


NSF Funding
The 3DK project was initially funded under the NSF's Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence (KDI) program.