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The Decision Theater for the New Arizona at ASU is a learning and decision space in which the latest understanding of complex social, economic and natural processes in urban settings and their interactions are visualized in stereo 3D. The "Decision Theater" will employ the most comprehensive physical, natural, social and economic datasets available to produce modeled scenarios using state-of-the-art computer technology in a unique focus on applications that directly engage decision-makers in real-world problem solving.


Located at the Orchid House in downtown Tempe , it will provide a neutral convening place for policy makers and the public to make decisions equipped with science- based alternative futures of metro Phoenix . By extension and analogy lessons learned will be applicable to other large metropolitan areas around the world.

Decision Theater

Dr. Jeremy Rowe (left) and Dr. Anshuman Razdan (right) discuss the Phoenix water basin and geologic stereo model.


PRISM research into stereoscopic projection, cluster computer visualization, and surface and volume modeling create new partnerships with researchers and leaders in immersive visualization including the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the Virtual Reality Applications Center at Iowa State University.