3DK Knowledge Project

Research Team
Pilot Projects
Feature Extraction and Analysis
Data Flow in the 3D Knowledge System
Visual Query Interface
Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation and Assessment


The assessment model uses a framework of Planning, Formative (including Implementation and Progress), as well as Summative Evaluation. The relationship between the assessment team and the other members of the project is envisioned as an on going internal feedback loop that will show the effect of constant system refinement i.e., how well scientists from diverse disciplines collaborate.

The External Advisory Board serves as a facility for annual external review and will generate an annual report. In addition, a comprehensive internal evaluation system is proposed.

Outcomes and Impact of the 3DK Project:

  • Enhanced communication across disciplines, languages, and cultures
  • Improved processing and integration of knowledge from different sources, domains, and nontext media types.
  • Increased effectiveness of teams, organizations, classrooms, or communities that work together.
  • Deeper understanding of the ethical, legal, and social implications of new developments in connectivity.