Projects and Research

PRISM is conducts a wide-array of premiere research at ASU in collaboration with its interdisciplinary partners, industry and educators. The following are a few of the larger focused research projects that PRISM is currently engaged in.

3D Faces

Analysis, Synthesis and Retrieval of 3D faces

Researchers exam facial modeling techniques and how to improve them.
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Geo-spatial Information Visualization

Geo-spatial Information Visualization

The project aims at providing a framework for modeling and visualizing geo-spatial data.
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Splines over Voronoi Diagrams

Splines over Voronoi Diagrams

In this project, various aspects of splines over Voronoi diagrams were discovered and pursued.
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Urban Modeling

Procedural Modeling of Urban Environments

Researchers investigate the efficiency issues of large urban environments along with techniques to create detailed models more quickly.
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Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning at Mesa Verde

Laser scanning of the ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park.
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Mountain Clouds

Santa Catalina Mountain Clouds

Observations and modeling of orographic cumulus development using digital imaging and data cataloguing.
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tele sculpture

Telesculpture 1999-2007

Using telecommunication tools, 3D models transmitted via the Internet will be translated into tangible sculptures.
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rock abrasion on earth and mars

Quantitative Studies of Rock Abrasion on Earth & Mars

Research initiative to study morphological features resulting from abrasion of rocks due to wind, water and other natural elements.
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George Washington

Forensic Reconstruction of George Washington

A joint venture between Mt. Vernon and ASU's PRISM researchers to recreate George Washington from a forensic perspective, using 3D imaging techniques.
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3D Face Authentication

3D Face Authentication for Biometric Access Control

The project involves the capture and archiving of a publicly available 3D data library of faces (with over 1,500 faces) to use to authenticate identities.
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Decision Theater

Decision Theater at Arizona State University

An interactive learning and decision environment in which the latest understanding of complex social, economic and natural processes in urban settings and their interactions are visualized in stereo 3D.
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3d Handwriting Analysis

3D Handwriting Analysis

The technique extracts information about the spatial and topological clues within handwriting.

3dk Knowledge project

3dK Knowledge Project

A knowledge network funded by the National Science Foundation for the acquisition, representation, query and analysis of 3D knowledge (3DK) in a distributed environment.
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ANIC - Advanced Neural Implant Control

An initiative to develop advanced micro-implants for brain research and eventually create new medical applications to help paralyzed people.

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training on Neural and Musculo-skeletal Adaptation in Form and Function (IGERT)

Research focusing on the relationship between form and function of the neural and musculoskeletal systems.