Santa Catalina Mountain Cloud Project

Overview and Live Camera
Background and Goals of the Project
Cloud Animations
The North American Monsoon and Mountain Thunderstorms

Overview and Live Camera

Observations and modeling of orographic cumulus development using digital imaging and data cataloguing

The purpose of this study is to examine the transition from shallow to deep convection and the accompanying modification of the thermodynamic profile, with hopes of establishing a long term, systematic characterization of convective development under a variety of environmental conditions. We will accomplish this using digital images collected from a pair of stereo cameras, and digital image analysis and data cataloguing techniques developed at ASU, with the image data being supplemented by soundings and surface observations.

Santa Catalina Mountain Camera


Cloud Camera


The camera is located at the Biosphere 2 in Oracle, AZ. View is toward the south with the top of Mount Lemmon visible in the center of the frame.

The images are being used in a study of the initiation of convection and thunderstorms associated with the North American Monsoon in Arizona.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, Grant #0352988, 2004-2006

Principal Investigators:
J Zehnder, A Razdan, G Nielson, J Rowe, P McCartney

Research Scientists:
Dr. Liyan Zhang, Dr. Dianne Hansford, Nancy Selover

For further information, contact Prof. J.A. Zehnder