3DK Knowledge Project

Research Team
Pilot Projects
Feature Extraction and Analysis
Data Flow in the 3D Knowledge System
Visual Query Interface
Evaluation and Assessment

Research Team

The 3DK Knowledge Project brings together a team of diverse group of researchers, educators, and students. The following collaborators have worked directly for the past 4 years on the project and continue to play a role in the next phase of the 3DK project.


3DK Principal Investigators


Anshuman Razdan, PRISM/OVPR, razdan@asu.edu
Arleyn Simon, Anthropology, arleyn.simon@asu.edu
B.L Ramakrishna, Center for SSS, bramakrishna@asu.edu
Dan Collins, School of Art, dan.collins@asu.edu
David Capco, Biology, dcapco@asu.edu
Gerald Farin, Computer Science, farin@asu.edu
Gregory Nielson, Computer Science, nielson@asu.edu
Jeremy Rowe, Information Technology, jeremy.rowe@asu.edu
Mary Marzke, Anthropology, mary.marzke@asu.edu
Mark Henderson, Industrial Engineering, mark.henderson@asu.edu
Pat Green, University of Evaluation, patricia.green@asu.edu
Peter McCartney, Anthropology, peter.mccartney@asu.edu
S.Panchanathan, Computer Science, panch@asu.edu
Mike Bailey, UCSD, mjb@sdsc.edu
Dezhi Liu, Post Doc, dezhi.liu@asu.edu
Jiuxiang Hu, Post Doc, hu.jiuxiang@asu.edu

3DK Advisory Board Members

Kai-Nan An
Director, Orthopedics/ Prof. Orthopedics
Mayo ClinicRobert Barnhill
Vice Chancellor/Professor of Mathematics and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
The University of KansasMarcus Lieberman
Research Design, Program Evaluation & Statistical Analysis
Responsive MethodologyPrudence Rice
Prof. and Chair, Dept of Anthropology
Southern Illinois University at CarbondaleAndrew Tescher

Technical Consultant
Interactive Technology Center
Lockheed MartinBernard Wood
Prof. of Human Origins
The George Washington University

Research Project Teams


Pilot Projects
Arleyn Simon, Anshuman Razdan, David Capco, Dan Collins, Mary Marzke, Peter McCartney, B.L Remakrishna, D. Page Baluch, David Van Alfen, and Matthew Tocheri


Gregory Nielson,
Anshuman Razdan, Gerald Farin, Mark Henderson, S. Panchanathan, Dezhi Liu, Jiu Xiang Hu, Adam Huang, P.Mongkdman, Myungsoo Bae, John Femiani, S Gundlapally, R.Krovvidi, V K Mohanam, P.Veerapaneni


Peter McCartney,
Jeremy Rowe, Dezhi Liu, Mary Zhu, Myungsoo Bae, R. Krovvidi, Suraj Mohandas


Visual Query
Dan Collins
,Anshuman Razdan, Jeremy Rowe, Arleyn Simon, Peter McCartney, Mary Zhu, Dezhi Liu, R.Krovvidi, S Gundlapally, V K Mohanam


Pat Green,
Anshuman Razdan, Jeremy Rowe, Dan Collins, Arline Inman