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Visual Query Interface


The Visual Query Research Team: Collins, Razdan, McCartney, Rowe, Simmon and Farmer

The Visual Query Interface permits users to input, analyze, refine and limit searches via interaction with the Graphic User Interface (GUI). The query request can be made in a variety of modes including text and interactive 2D/3D models. The query process permits a range of approaches to address the varied learning styles and analytical approaches of the target.


Bone VQI

Bone VQI

Explore the Pot VQI system and interface.

Explore the Bone VQI system and interface.

Note: Requires Java to be enabled and Java3D to be installed.

Visual Query Interface Process
VQ Interface VQ Interface VQ Interface

Initial query screen, allows users to make the request by shape input or text input.

Intermediate list of result. This screen displays a list of matches with thumbnails.

Details of a selected result. This screen displays the full results with 3D model and text information.